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Khimaira is headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with our mission “to provide Operational Cyber Security to the close protection, Risk management and Surveillance industry”. Threw our collaborations and partnerships we can also provide Digital Warfare awareness training and guidance to security solutions. We are active members of the cyber security community, working in collaboration and in partnership with key industry players around the world. Our network extends to ensuring that we have the relevant accreditations and certifications to assure our customers of our professional service.

We take pride in our efforts to integrate, collaborate, and make the Cyber environment safer and more secure for all participants. We appreciate all of our members, and we appreciate your support to help further our mission through joint efforts with your company. Khimaira  focuses on the Cyber Warfare domain, tactics, techniques, strategies, and methods. This is a sensitive topic but is one of our most exciting areas of growth.

We are a diverse, expert team focused on doing the right thing for all of our clients: growing their business with safe communications in a sustainable, equitable way. We know what makes our clients’ businesses tick, how their category works, and where communications can help them win. We are the bridge between our clients’ world and the world around them: the expert perspective on brand, category, and culture that helps identify and act on opportunities for growth.

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