Our mission is to keep the world safe and secure

We all play a role in doing this – from our technical teams to our professional teams – we work together in support of our customers.

When you join Khimaira you instantly become connected to a phenomenal knowledge network that is easily accessed thanks to our online collaboration business network.

There’s formal learning in place as well as peer to peer learning opportunities. There’s always someone organising a lunch and learn on the latest hacking technique or sharing cool research insights. Our research team has a dedicated research blogging platform, where colleagues can share their ideas with the wider technical community. And we have a dedicated newsroom that offers a platform for non-technical blogging.

Internally we have a news service that helps to keep colleagues connected to all the latest happening around the Group. And watch out for an invitation to join our CEO, Nathaniel Neal for a coffee or lunch.

These tools have helped us stay connected as a community during the current pandemic restrictions in place, enabling us to continue to work remotely to support our customers… together we are Khimaira Group.