Khimaira values – bold, forward-thinking, connected, empowering – have underpinned our success and allowed us to build an impressive member base as well as a forward-thinking workforce that is passionate to succeed. Khimaira platform is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the competition and provides our elite member base with a premium experience filled with career enhancing content, tools, training and support to guarantee success.

Our practice covers, information security, cyber security, IT security, technology risk and information risk. Our long established team has extensive experience of recruiting on a permanent and contract basis for in-house positions in commerce and FS groups, as well as consultancy and systems integration businesses, and cyber & information security vendors. We have built extensive networks of contacts across the banking and financial services, commercial, government and technology sectors.

Our international teams are organised into divisions dedicated to recruiting for the specialist disciplines of internal audit, risk, compliance, security and treasury. Our consultants are ideally placed to provide high calibre candidates, drawing on pools of talent across our international offices.

Though every member of your board has earnt their seat, this doesn’t mean they are working as an effective team. We identify and evaluate the different working styles of your board members and measure their effectiveness and alignment as a team.

Our chosen evaluation methodology is favoured by over 70% of Fortune 100 companies, So you can be sure your board will reap the same benefits as those of the business world’s best.

A series of onsite workshops and online check-ins, combined with measurable progress reporting, give your board the insight and tools crucial to becoming united, effective and agile in an age of urgency. With the board as a whole taken care of, we move on to work individually with each member, focusing on specific areas of their behaviours and development needing attention during the board. We match our coaches and mentors to the individual, to take care of every possible area of development, guaranteeing progress and results.

How does it work?

Submit your vacancy today, and be approached by our network of Non-Execs, Consultants and C-level professionals.

Why is it free to post roles?

We believe that top talent should not come at a high cost. Members of our network pay a premium so businesses, like you, can appoint them free of charge.

How many applications will I receive?

After posting your role, we will work with you to ensure you receive the highest quality of applicants, based on your preferences and requirements. Most businesses receive up to 25-30 candidates within the first 14 days.

What separates you from your competitors?

Khimaira is a global network of senior executives looking to expand their board portfolio career or find their next executive appointment. Our members all have the same goal, to be the best on the market. This gives us a competitive edge, meaning our candidates are engaged and ready to make a difference.